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Lucy Tilley




Horses have always been a huge part of Lucy's life.  At a very young age, Lucy dreamt of becoming a jockey, which she had set her heart on.  Whilst riding her 12.2hh pony; Sparky, around her village, Lucy used to pretend to be at the Grand National, riding with her stirrups on the shortest hole and wearing racing goggles!  However, Sparky wasn't so keen and had different plans!

After growing out of Sparky, a pony called Rosie came into Lucy's life and they both discovered Rosie was perfect for jumping.  They had a great time winning the Winter League Championships at Moores Farm and competing at small shows. Unfortunately Rosie lost her sight in one eye, Rosie now is perfect for, and competes in, mounted games with Lucy.  Rosie is Lucy's best friend and she loves her very much.

Last year, Lucy was given the opportunity to event a beautiful pony called Boost.  Lucy and Boost have competed a few 80cm Events and this year they plan to compete at some 90cm events.

Lucy's biggest dream is to have a successful future in Eventing (after eventually giving up on the jockey idea!!)



To follow Lucy and her ponies on Social Media, please click on the links below:

Instagram: l.tilley.eventing